The magic of John Muir lives today in our public parklands and wilderness areas, the orchards and vineyards of Contra Costa County, sunsets atop Mt. Wanda, and in writings and teachings that spread the word about nature and our place in it.

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As Dale Sees It – 1997 Accomplishements
by Dale Cook, JMMA President

The Association in 1997 has reaped a rich harvest - we have an ever-increasing membership, a super Project Development Committee without par, staged several wonderful and fun-filled events, ie. the Burns Dinner, Scottish Muir Birthday, and the Victorian-era Ranch Days.

As President, I have been blessed with a strong, professional back grounded Executive Committee.

The Association and the National Park Service in October signed off on two important documents providing the framework for a close-working partnership in the next few years ahead: In many respects echoing that envisaged by the founders decades ago. The future is bright.

Robert Stanton, the new Director of the National Park Service, signed off on our innovative agreement to privately raise the funds to build a much needed 'Visitor/Educational Center" at the Site. Actually, our proposal might be the first where a "Friends of the Park" organization has elected to go totally "outside."

Secondly, I signed off for the Association on our new five-year partnership memorandum covering JMMA's day-to-day relationships with the NPS at the Site over the next five years.

Drop me a note if you would like copies of either.

Our audit committee has selected the CPA firm of Cates Moore and Regalia, Walnut Creek, to be our independent auditors. It was a necessary step as we've had several major donations of late, a few stock transactions, and are on the threshold of a major two million dollar plus fund-raising drive. Our audit committee consisted of myself, Treasurer Tim Carlson, CPA, as chairman; 1st VP Mario Menesini, and Secretary Carol Land, also a CPA.

Being the season for expressing thanks, it is appropriate to single out Board member Don Denton for special acknowledgement. His leadership, talents, experience, enthusiasm and dedication to purpose are simply terrific. He is heading up our Project Development Committee. Denton and his group, aided by Fred Stickney, our fund raising firm, are putting the final touches on our goal of providing in the year 2000 at the John Muir National Historic Site a Center fitting to the memory of John Muir.

Exerpted from The View From John Muir's Window, December 1997, Newsletter of the John Muir Memorial Association.





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