The magic of John Muir lives today in our public parklands and wilderness areas, the orchards and vineyards of Contra Costa County, sunsets atop Mt. Wanda, and in writings and teachings that spread the word about nature and our place in it.

John Muir Tribute CD

Songs and Stories about John Muir from many talented musicians, authors, researchers, and descendants of John Muir.

In December of 1998, we set out to help raise funds for the building of a new Education and Visitor Center at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, California. Part of our goal was to familiarize more people with Muir's love of all things wild. We chose to entwine our love of music and nature with Muir's priceless insights and glorious words.

We sent out a call to songwriters and folk singers, and in came a flood of joyous music. Then we turned to authors, scholars, performers and Muir family members who had dedicated immeasurable resources and personal time to advance John Muir's spirited legacy. All we said was, "We want you to share your favorite quote of John Muir's." And then - something magical happened. The songs and the words and the stories began to find each other as if meant to be hitched together!

We call those who responded to our plea "Local Heroes," and they live all over the world - folks who at some point in their lives were touched deeply by John Muir, and in their own way, continue to celebrate his legacy. They are what make up the fabric of John Muir's spirit today.

Tracks and Sample Sound Clips below

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Tracks and Sample Sound Clips
Dan McIlhenny and Jill Harcke - Producers

  1. Babbling Brook Peter Lamson — Bay Area Composer and Musician
    Introduction Doug McConnell — San Francisco adventure enthusiast, humanitarian

  2. Creation's Dawn (Ode to John Muir) Barry Hertz — Canadian singer, teacher, songwriter.

    Real Audio Sound Clip (Streaming Audio)

    Download MP3 Sound Clip (700 KB)


  3. "No Scottish boy that I ever knew..." Graham White Educational Curator of the John Muir Exhibition at the 1999 Edinburgh International Festival

  4. Skylarks recorded at John Muir Country Park in Dunbar, Scotland

  5. All The Countryside Dan'l — Northern California singer, songwriter, entertainer

    Real Audio Sound Clip (Streaming Audio)

    Download MP3 Sound Clip (544 KB)


  6. Lessons I Learned from the Moon Doc Heide — Playwright, musician, Clinical Psychology Professor
    "Oh, that glorious Wisconsin wilderness..." Millie Stanley — Wisconsin Muir author


  7. "At my feet lay the great central valley..." Galen Rowell — International Photographer

  8. Range of Light Walkin' Jim Stolz — Montana singer, songwriter, environmentalist

    Real Audio Sound Clip (Streaming Audio)

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    - (1 MB)
    (Requires Quicktime for Windows or Mac)

  9. "We are now in the mountains..." Ron Limbaugh – Prof. of History, UOP, Stockton, California
    "How glorious a greeting the sun gives the mountains..." Gary Bogue — Wildlife pet and conservation columnist

  10. Snow Avalanche Story Lee Stetson — Yosemite's actor, author


  11. "On my lonely walks I have often..." Harold Wood — Webmaster of the John Muir Exhibit
    Ye Banks and Braes Dougie MacLean — Singer and songwriter in Scotland


  12. "My own dear Louie...." Alan Orcharton — Scottish American

  13. Give Yourself to Love Kate Wolf — Beloved Singer, songwriter


  14. "I must return to the mountains..." Allison Lincoln — John Muir's great-great granddaughter

  15. Windstorm Story Frank Helling — Teacher, naturalist, ranger
    "In God's wildness lies the hope of the world..." Walter Muir — John Muir's grandson

  16. Thousands of tired, nerve-shaken, overcivilized people..." Ross Hanna — John Muir's grandson

  17. High Sierra Dan'l — Singer, songwriter, entertainer


  18. "Walk the Sequoia woods..." Stan Hutchinson — Yosemite historian, collector and student of John Muir's works
    "And surely all God's people...." John Hanna — John Muir's grandson
    "How many hearts..." Garth Gilchrist — Actor and Muir portrayer

  19. Boy From The Country Michael Martin Murphey — Singer, songwriter, wrangler, teacher

  20. Stickeen Gerald Pelrine — Wisconsin actor

    Real Audio Sound Clip (Streaming Audio)

  21. The Mountains Call My Name Fred Alley — Resident Artist, American Wisconsin Folklore Theatre, Wisconsin

    —The Big Picture—

  22. Neil Gow's Lament Dougie MacLean — Scottish singer, songwriter
    "Oh, these vast calm measureless mountain days..." Maymie Kimes — Mountain climber
    "Climb the mountains and get their good tidings..." Shirley Sargent — Yosemite author, historian
    "When we contemplate the whole globe..." Graham White — Organizer of "Infinite Storm of Beauty"

    Real Audio Sound Clip (Streaming Audio)

  23. Amazon John Denver — Singer, songwriter, environmentalist

  24. Babbling Brook Peter Lamson — Bay Area musician, composer
    Closing Doug Mc Connell - San Francisco TV adventurist, humanitarian

  25. Muir Power to You Bill Oliver — Environmental Troubadour

    Real Audio Sound Clip (Streaming Audio)

    Download MP3 Sound Clip (800 K)


All proceeds realized from the sale of the John Muir Tribute CD will support the John Muir Association's campaign to build a new Education and Visitor Center at the John Muir National Historic Site in Martinez, California.

The John Muir Tribute CD is a limited edition, one of a kind! It comes in environmentally-sound packaging, with no less than seven wonderful Galen Rowell photographs! You also get TEN pages of liner notes, giving biographical information about each of the John Muir experts and performers on the CD, plus a page listing locations of interesting Muir-related places to visit.

Price: $10.00
Shipping: $2.00
Total: $12.00
(CA residents only, add 9.25%) Tax: $0.93

Order by mail with a check or credit card;
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Photo Credits

All photos by Galen Rowell Mountain Light Photography. Used with permission.

  • Cover-Stormy Sunset over Evolution Lake-John Muir Trail, King's Canyon 1997-D-AA-941
  • Inside-Hanging meadow on east side of Mount Conness, Yosemite 1990-D-AA-491
  • Dedication-Hanging meadow on east side of Mount Conness, Yosemite 1988-D-AA-513
  • Special Thank You-Morning Fog over San Pablo reservoir-near Orinda California 1996-D-AA-897
  • CD, back cover and booklet-Sunrise on Tioga Pass, High Sierra 1987-D-AA-11
  • Booklet thanks -Red Fox-Chenik Lagoon, Alaska Peninsula 1991-D-AA-619








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